Reverse Osmosis Systems

Powder Coated Aluminum Frame, Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels, Two Stainless Steel Multi-Stage Pumps, Recirculation Control Valve, Stainless Steel Pressure Control Valve, Concentrate Flow Meter, Permeate Flow Meter, Concentrate Pressure Gauge, 3/4” Solenoid Valve on the 3/4 HP Re-Pressurization Pump, 5-Micron Pre-Filter, 3-Cubic Foot Carbon Tank, Easy Access Controls, Function Lights on the Control Cabinet, Connections for Upper and Lower Level Switches, Auto Flush with Adjustable Time and Frequency, Low Pressure Automatic Reset, Panel Mounted TDS Meter, Alarm Light for Low TDS, Low Water Pressure, and Lock Out (used when water softener is regenerating), Membranes Load and Unload from the TOP of the Vessels Making Changing Membranes Very Easy. Simply Remove the Top Caps, Pull Out the Old Membranes, Drop in the New Membranes, and Replace Caps.

RO2200 2,200 Gallons Per Day
RO4400 4,400 Gallons Per Day
RO6600 6,600 Gallons Per Day
RO8800 8,800 Gallons Per Day
RO11000 11,000 Gallons Per Day

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